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Mariuccia Iacovino Symphony visits King

There was barely room to move on the stage in the theater of the PAC this morning as members of the Mariuccia Iacovino Symphony Orchestra, of Brazil, took their seats for their first of two performances at King. The young musicians, most ranging in ages 11-18, were draped in the colors of their country; outfitted in green, yellow, blue, and white sweatsuits. Most of the students speak little or no English but they were able to communicate feelings of joy, enthusiasm, and pure excitement through the power of their music.
The orchestra is directed by conductor Luis Mauricio Carneiro and serves disadvantaged children to foster and nurture a love of music.
The objective of the concert, which was sponsored by the King Arts Council, was to demonstrate how music plays a vital part in community and cultural identity.  Secondly, the concert helped demonstrate how the orchestra can be a versatile ensemble, that welcomes many genres of music.  Lastly, it brought cross culture communication between students of the orchestra and King students.  The group will conclude their trip with a concert at Carnegie Hall on Wednesday.
For an audio slideshow of the performance click HERE.

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